Sunday, 26 July 2015

red stripe

This look is super simple, but it's definitely one of my favourite outfits in a while, comprised of my favourite top and my favourite skirt (and okay, my favourite boots too). I chucked this together for a day at work (I'm currently a marketing and social media intern - yippee!) Thank goodness for casual dress codes, eh?

top urban outfitters (out of stock online but on sale in store!) / skirt tiptop via ebay / boots ASOS (old)

What's your favourite look lately?

Good vibes guys 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

bright red and button up

Meet my new kimono, you'll be seeing a lot of it, as I am obsessed. I've been eyeing it up for weeks in store, and one day last week I was feeling a little spendy so went to order it online, I didn't care if the only size in stock was a 14 and there were only three left, I was getting it. However now I need to put a dart in the back because it's slipped off my shoulder approximately 163 times already.

red patterned new look kimono, cat eye sunglasses, denim button up mini skirt and black chunky sandals

kimono new look / top unknown / skirt tiptop via eBay / sandals new look (old) / sunglasses vintage fair

What are you loving from your wardrobe lately?

Good vibes guys 

Sunday, 21 June 2015

shoulderless and stripe

Off the shoulder tops are everywhere, aren't they? As much as I love them, I was quite scared of them for a while, as I burn ridiculously easily in the summer and thought it was a recipe for disaster. But as I was getting ready to go out for tea with my friends, I caved. I rummaged through my wardrobe to find this old top which probably cost me about £1.50 and with my mum's help, snipped off the shoulders and gave it a quick sew. Not bad for £1.50, eh?

outfit of the day with off the shoulder top, vertical striped trousers, satchel bag and chunky sandals

how to turn an old top into an off the shoulder top

hair tucked behind ears, off the shoulder top, how to make an off the shoulder top

top primark + DIY / trousers* choies (old) / sandals new look (old) / bag primark (old)

Are you loving this off the shoulder trend?

Good vibes guys